Voxativ – AC – 4A

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The Voxativ AC-4A driver has a magnetic field of 24.000 Gauss. It is equipped with an Alnico magnet. Alnico is a rare-earth metal mix that can supply a very high magnetic induction. As a consequence, the AC-4A provides a huge magnetic flux density in the air gap and generates maximum impulse force for the underhung voice coil.
Furtheron a wooden cone is mounted. Although the wooden cone has the same moving mass as our cones made of Japanese calligraphy paper, it’s stiffness is 100 times higher.
The audio impression is breathtaking: All frequencies are reproduced in balance, basses are stable and tight, mids are clear and differentiated and highs alwas remain transparent and soft.
Enclosure possibilities:
• Fullrange mode in all high-end back-loaded horns (free schedule available)
• Fullrange mode in an open baffle design (free schedule available)
• As a high- and midrange driver combined with a fast dipole woofer
• As a fronthorn driver, fullrange or 2-way


Technical Data

Frequency Response 20 – 20.000 Hz
Efficiency* 102 dB / 1W / 1 m in recommended housings
Capacity 50 W nom / 100 W mus
Impedance [R] 11,0 Ohm
Complex Impedance [Z] 16,0 Ohm
Resonant Frequency 42,0 Hz
Mechanical Q-Factor Qms 4,08
Electrical Q-Factor Qes 0,41
Q-Factor Qts 0,37
Equivalent volume [VAS] 70,0 Ltr.
Xmss 10 mm
Depth 5,0″ / 12,5 cm
Install diameter 7,5″  / 19,0 cm
Weight 17,6 lbs / 8,0 kg

* A fullrange driver’s efficiency depends on the frequency response and does not follow a
standard calculation in the context of Thiele / Small parameters.