Seas - Prestige Midranges

Seas – Prestige Midranges

Welcome to our SEAS Prestige midrange product line.

All datasheets are downloadable as pdf files.

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Seas - Prestige Fullrange

Seas – Prestige Fullrange

Welcome to our SEAS Prestige Fullrange driver product page.

All datasheets are downloadable as pdf files. For further information

Seas - Prestige Tweeters

Seas – Prestige Tweeters

Welcome to our SEAS Prestige tweeter product line.

We have dome tweeters with 19 and 25mm voice coil diameters and different surround diameters. The rigid chassis are made from glass filled engineering plastic materials by injection moulding. Further, the chassis may be custom designed to specified shapes, surface finishes, fixing holes, logos etc, within wide limits.

Seas - Prestige Woofers

Seas – Prestige Woofers

Welcome to our SEAS Prestige woofers product line.

Our cone drivers are generally based on injection moulded zinc chassis, powder coated for attractive and durable protection.

Seas - Excel Coaxial Drivers

Seas – Excel Coaxial Drivers

SEAS designed and manufactured its first coaxial drivers more than 20 years ago.
Early on, R&D engineer Bjørn Børja recognized the unique possibilities created by the new neodymium magnet technologies; allowing us to design a high performance tweeter in a very compact package. SEAS has continuously refined coaxial driver technology over the years, and today remains the only loudspeaker driver manufacturer to make this unique technology available to the OEM and hobbyist markets.

Seas - Excel Tweeters

Seas – Excel Tweeters

SEAS Excel Dome Tweeters are available in 25 mm, 29 mm and 35mm diaphragm sizes, with dome materials of textile, aluminium, magnesium, beryllium and diamond.

Seas - Excel Woofers

Seas – Excel Woofers

The SEAS Excel woofer Line offers 2 proprietary cone materials, available in drivers sized from 12 cm to 26 cm. SEAS is the only loudspeaker company in the world to offer high purity, die-cast and machined magnesium cones. These cones feature extremely high stiffness along with good internal damping. SEAS Excel Magnesium cone drivers are world renowned for their high definition, low distortion and sound reproduction.

Seas - X3-06 EXOTIC T35

Seas – X3-06 EXOTIC T35

The Exotic T35 is a classic dome midrange tweeter with high sensitivity and a smooth, extended frequency response.