Scan speak R2604/832000

The Discovery series offer traditional design, superior sound, a solid construction, and a wide range of variants. Combining these elements – plus a wealth of technical features and finesses – it gives our customers the possibility of acquiring a tailor-made Scan-Speak solution with very good performance at a reasonable low price point!
Datasheet: Datasheet R2604/832000

Size (inches): 1
Fs (Hz): 500
Re (ohms): 2.9
Sensitivity (dB): 90.0
Qt: 0.44
VAS (ltr.): 0.01
Xmax ± (mm): 0.2

DIY kits for this driver:
Discovery 18 made by Troels Gravesen
3-Way Discovery made by Troels Gravesen
Revelator 4R made by Troels Gravesen