Scan speak 18WU/8747T00

The Illuminator woofers are in every aspect unusual designs with the open construction, the extremely long linear excursion and patented under-hung SD-3 (Symmetrical Drive) neodymium motor system, which due to copper caps and its construction ensures very low distortion, adding the unique patented cones, low-loss linear suspension the result is: ”The Very Best Money Can Buy”!
Datasheet: Datasheet 18WU/8747T00

Size (inches): 6.5
Fs (Hz): 33
Re (ohms): 5.9
Sensitivity (dB): 85.5
Qt: 0.32
VAS (ltr.): 48.3
Xmax ± (mm): 9

Here you can soon find DIY kits for this driver.