Pure Audio Project Trio10 Timeless, Open Baffle Speakers (Morel Based)

Product Description

Trio10 Timeless floor stand towers are only 42cm wide but play deep, full body, crystal clear bass under 40HZ and provide un-comparable sonic clarity and image.
Feat. PAP1075, double magnet 10″ Bass/Mid Woofer, designed by Morel specifically for Open Baffle
PAP1075 mechanical and electrical features make it also a great performer of mid in open baffle, and in Timeless they play all the way up to 2.5KHZ !
Morel advanced Neodymium Soft Dome Tweeter, provide unique and rare to find sonic clarity
Provided with a short path two and a half way audiophile-grade crossover
The ‘Timeless’ is shipped flat packed, ready for breeze simple, tool-less self assembly.
With ‘Timeless’ 42cmX95cm speakers, music and audio enthusiasts can now enjoy top-grade and great looking open baffles speakers in medium and small rooms

More features:

Size: width: 42cm, height: Timeless 95cm, TimelessPlus 119cm, depth: 27cm
Sensitivity: 89db
Impedance: 4 ohm
Bass and Mid Drivers: see PAP1075
Crossover Points:
bottom woofer: LPF (first order) at 250HZ
mid woofer / tweeter, second order at 2.5khz
can work in bi-amping mode with passive or active crossovers
Crossover Grade: Mundorf audiophile-grade (mcap), Cardas BindingPosts, point to point short audio path
Construction and Materials: see Open Baffle HW Kit and Baffles
Baffles Material: Carefully selected German Oak or HQ Bamboo (Plywoo)


PAP1075 – 10″ Open Baffle bass and mid woofer
Morel Neodymium Dipole Soft Dome Tweeter modified for Open Baffle

Here is what customers say on Trio10 Timeless:

“Few things! First thing that really surprised me was the bass, i did not expect that, the other thing is the clarity in the sound and they are barely even breaked-in yet and I’m running it off a shitty amplifier that is already doing pre-amplification…
The other thing is that it fills the entire room, that is truly amazing!
I need to wire up my class-D amplifier and test it with that instead…”, Maziar Z., Denmark

“This speaker continues to amaze me. I’m learning very quickly about the pleasure of rediscovering my music collection. I learned that it’s one thing when you get a new source or amp, BUT its a completely DIFFERENT thing when you get one of your speakers. Timeless are truly amazing speakers. I feel drawn into the music like never before. The sound is very much alive: vocals sound like vocals and instruments sound like instruments. One word: AWESOME!”, Josh Doyle, Saudi Arabia (USA)