Voxativ Ampeggio Due

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The Ampeggio Due is equipped with the Voxativ AC-Xp fieldcoil driver – nothing else. No crossover components or electronics of any kind are used. The sound of this wonderful loudspeaker is optimized purely by the mechanical excellence of driver and cabinet.

The width of 47” (120cm) is unique. This not only a design feature. The dimension is responsible for the gigantic soundstage of this loudspeaker system. Despite it’s phenomenal bass response mids, highs and voices reproduced with this exceptional speaker always remain silky-smooth, very transparent, open and full of unheard details. The overall sound impresses with explosive dynamics and a phenomenal stage impression.

The max. efficiency reaches 108 db. One watt of amplifier power is suitable for full musical delight.

This loudspeaker model is also available in two special editions:

1. The Acrylic Ampeggio Due made of Acrylic Glass.
2. The “Ampeggio Due Art Edition” together with the famous Berlin paintress Gabriele Schlesselmann.

The Ampeggio Due made it to the top of the German AUDIO magazine! 

Leader Reference class with 109 points – 1st place in the list of “Best Reference Speakers”