Scan speak 25W/8565-00

The Symmetric Drive (SD-1) concept with copper in the magnet system was invented by Scan-Speak. High-quality magnet system design has thus been a key feature of Scan-Speak design since the companys inception. The Classic woofers are highly praised, and are used in some of the worlds most exceptional high-end Loudspeakers. Some feature Kevlar cones, others have the innovative Carbon fibre/Paper cones.
Datasheet: Datasheet 25W/8565-00

Size (inches): 10
Fs (Hz): 20
Re (ohms): 5.5
Sensitivity (dB): 88
Qt: 0.41
VAS (ltr.): 225
Xmax ± (mm): 6.5

Here you can soon find DIY kits for this driver.