Pure Audio Project Trio15 HeilAMT




Product Description

Open Baffle Platform
Trio15 Aluminium Frame, Made in the US and Germany
Heil AMT Mounting Plate
Genuine German Oak Baffles with continuous grain structure and anti-vibration insertion, made in Germany
Three Layers Bamboo, made in the US and China
Piano Glass White and Black (three layers bamboo), made in China
Finishing Options, see Trio15 Product Line

Audio Drivers

Woofers: 15″ Woofers: Eminence/PureAudioProject OB-A15neo
Tweeter: AMT, ESS HEIL AMT 1 (has to be purchased directly from ESS Labs in the US)


Two and a half way Crossover (lower woofer at ~250 1st order, upper woofer/Heil at ~950hz)
Single notch filter on upper woofer
+2db Low Frequencies with high end jumper
+2db Low Mid Frequencies with high end jumper
+2db High Frequencies with high end jumper

General Specifications

SPL: ~95db measured in a typical room
Frequency Response: 36hz – 20,000Hz (all Trio15 models)
Impedance: 3.5 to 8ohm
Amplifier Rated Impedance: 8ohm
Recommended Amplifiers: 3.5w (Tubes SE) and higher (Tubes, Solid State, Class D)
Drivers Specs:
Size: W54cm H116cm D27cm
Weight: ~30kg/each
Content and where it is shipped from:
Frame (US, Germany)
Baffles (US, Germany, Hong Kong)
Audio Components:
OB-A15neo (US, Germany)
Heil AMT (purchased and shipped directly from ESS Labs in the US)
All components are shipped flat packed directly to customers