Voxativ PI Bass

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By developing this PI Bass system, we have combined the Ripol® idea with our Acoustic Stealth Technology® – AST®. The result is a completely open system that has to move nearly zero air volume.

The Voxativ PI Bass is equipped with 2 x 96 dB Neodymium woofers (= 99dB). These woofers do have a very low moving mass, strong motors and are extremely fast – as fast as Voxativ widebanders. The result is a powerful bass down to 20 Hz and below.

This  woofer system is active and driven by a 250W class AB plate amp. It has it’s own adjustable crossover. We recommend a line connection to this system. High level entry is possible on request, but not recommended. So the only thing you need to drive the woofer system is a preamp out. Please ask us for solutions if your amplifier does not have it.

All features like: Level, crossover frequency, bass boost and phase adjustments are implemented for the perfect adaption to every existing stereo system. Of course this woofer system fits all Voxativ loudspeaker systems.

Bass also qualifies for “base” as it provides a base for Pi to sit on top off. It’s not a subwoofer – it’s the Voxativ Pi Bass.

And there is more: Combined with Voxativ Hagen speakers you have the perfect Voxativ home cinama system with an earthquake body.

Technical Data

Frequency Response 20 – 150 Hz
Driver 2 x 12″ VOXATIV Neodymium woofer
Efficiency 99 dB (2 x 96 dB) / 1W / 1 m
Capacity 250 W sinus
Dimensions (W x H x D) 15 x 18 x 12″ (38 x 50 x 31 cm)
Color Piano Finish, white or black
Weight 85 lbs (45 kg)