Voxativ Ampeggio Digital Cable




Normally you would say: How can a digital cable influence my sound? This is only bits.

But after testing you will realize that the influence of a good digital transmission is essential for a perfect sound.

The Voxativ Ampeggio digital cable is composed of many individual solid-core copper and silver wires with 0.2 mm² cross section. These are made of 99% purity oxygen-free material. Finalization is done by a special Cryo treatment. Thereby the cable is cooled down to −190 °C (−310 °F) and then slowly warmed up. In this process the molecular structure is reorganized after soldering.

A new experience in sound, silky smooth mids and highs combined with an extreme bass resolution. This cable ensures a lossless and EMV free connection.
For a wonderful musicality.

All Voxativ cables are soldered with Mundorf Supreme gold/silver solder.