Voxativ – AC – X

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The AC-X is driven by a large field coil instead of a permanent magnet. With this magnetic force, the driver reaches the physical maximum and an extreme dynamic performance.
The AC-X has a Qts between 0.25 and 0.6 depending on the supply voltage which can be set from 6 to 18 volts. It enables the user to adjust the driver to all useful installation conditions and playback requirements. The optimal value in our experience is 12V.
Different to the designs of the 1920s or Internet based DIY projects, the Voxativ field coil will never reach a temperature limit that can cause voice coil damage.
Just imagine how wonderful an open baffle or backloaded horn design will sound using this drive unit.
Simply power it up with an 1 watt single ended tube amplifier.
Delivery includes a switching power supply.
Further power supply options are:
• N1 – A transformer power supply 12V fixed
• N3 – An adjustable power supply. Switchable voltage from 12V to 19 V DC in 0.5V steps.
• N2 – A high-end battery power supply 12V fixed, with loading automatics
Enclosure possibilities:
• Fullrange mode in all high-end back-loaded horns (free schedule available)
• Fullrange mode in an open baffle design (free schedule available)
• As a high- and midrange driver combined with a fast dipole woofer
• As a fronthorn driver, fullrange or 2-way

Technical Data

Frequency Response 20 – 20.000 Hz
Efficiency* max. 108 dB / 1W / 1 m in recommended housings
Capacity 50 W nom / 100 W mus
Impedance [R] 10,7 Ohm
Complex Impedance [Z] 16,0 Ohm
Resonant Frequency 29,0 Hz
Mechanical Q-Factor Qms 3,1 / 12V
Electrical Q-Factor Qes 0,40 / 12V
Q-Factor Qts 0,354 / 12V
Equivalent volume [VAS] 148,0 Ltr.
Xmss 10 mm
Depth 6,5″ / 16,5 cm
Install diameter 7,5″  / 19,0 cm
Weight 26,5 lbs / 12,0 kg

* A fullrange driver’s efficiency depends on the frequency response and does not follow a
standard calculation in the context of Thiele / Small parameters.