Scan speak 32W/4878T01

The 32W/4878T01 the most powerful woofer designed by Scan-speak. Its large 3” voice coil and low resonance frequency is perfect to reproduce low to mid frequencies at with high efficiency. It features a brand new type of paper-sandwich cone with a special foam filling technology (patented) that gives the cone very high stiffness and relative low weight. The motor system has heavy-duty copper sleeves for optimizing eddy currents effect and minimized self-induction.
Datasheet: Datasheet 32W/4878T01

Size (inches): 13
Fs (Hz): 23
Re (ohms): 3.1
Sensitivity (dB): 92
Qt: 0.28
VAS (ltr.): 170
Xmax ± (mm): 7