Pure Audio Project Trio10 AMT Beyma150H

Product Description

Trio10 AMT Beyma150H floor stand towers are only 42cm wide but play deep, full body, crystal clear bass under 40HZ and provide extended sonic clarity and image.
Feat. PAP1075, double magnet 10″ Bass/Mid Woofer, designed by Morel specifically for Open Baffle
PAP1075 mechanical and electrical features make it also a great performer of mid in open baffle, and in Timeless they play all the way up to 1.6KHZ !
Beyma TPL150/H is a field proven highly acclaimed AMT Horn driver with extended presensce, clarity and resolution
Provided with a short path two and a half way audiophile-grade crossover
shipped flat packed, ready for breeze simple, tool-less self assembly.
with these 42cmX109cm speakers, music and audio enthusiasts can now enjoy top-grade and great looking open baffles speakers in medium and small rooms
Now shipping with the New Alu Frame and 42cm x 105cm Baffle

More features:

Sensitivity (room specific): 89db
Frequency Range (room specific): 41-20K hz
Impedance: 6.7 ohm (8ohm)
one Beyma Horn AMT TPL150/H driver, 8″ Full Range Driver
two PAP(Morel) 1075 10″ bass/mid woofers
2.5 way XO
New Trio10 Aluminium Frame
Trio10 Beyma AMT Baffles Set
Width: 42cm Height 109cm
Purchasing Options:
Complete Set or Components (Drivers, XO, Aluminium Frame, Baffles Plans)
US$ 3,899 Bamboo (Plyboo), handcrafted in the USA
EUR 3,899 German Oak, handcrafted in Germany
Prices excl. VAT and domestic shipping costs in the USA (from IOWA) and to the EU countries (from Frankfurt, Germany)
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