Pure Audio Project Hypex UcD MB

Product Description

– Carefully designed 20X20X5.2cm aluminum enclosures for simple, almost tool less, assembly

– Designed for mono-block, bi-amping and try-amping amplification

– Compatible to all Hypex UcD180 and UcD400 amp modules

– Compatible to Hypex SMPS400A180 and SMPS400A400

– No additional electronics except of Hypex original components

– On/Off and Stand By Switch

– Light indication reflects thru the enclosure

– all technical specs at hypexshop.com

List of parts for one MB, to be ordered from us or directly from Hypex:
– Amplifier: UcD180 or UcD400 (any version)

– Power Supply: SMPS400A180 for UcD180 or SMPS400A400 for UcD400

– Cable set SMPS400

– UcD signal cable

– Neutrik RCA or XLR female chassis red or white

– Loudspeaker bindingspost 2 poles clear

– Power connector Euro fused (slow blow 7a fuse is not supplied)

– 2 X Switch on-off

– Mounting set faston 10pcs blue or/and red

– Faston Crimptool