Pure Audio Project 15 inch Open Baffle Woofers

Product Description

Q: How do they sound ?
These 15″ open baffle woofers have similar sonic feel as the Alpha15a but they were upgraded to audiophile-grade in every possible aspect. More powerful and faster, more focused and clear, a bit dryer, deeper and punchier… in simple words, they are very musical, totally transparent and most realistic !

Q: How do they differ from Alpha15a ?
Jerry McNutt, Eminence Product Design Manager answers: “ These are the higher performance and lower distortion 15” drivers that have been specifically optimized for Open Baffle use. They have the same cone and surround as the Alpha15, but we went with stronger magnets, 2″ and 2.5” Voice Coil motors to gain more motor strength, increase linearity, increase power handling, lower power compression, and to be able to add shorting rings to lower distortion and lower the Le. To further lower distortion and cut down on basket ringing, with the ferrite model we increased the thickness of the highly ribbed and windowed basket form 18ga to a much heavier 16ga steel and with the Neo model we use our rigid cast Aluminum frame, a very open basket for minimum turbulence and push-button terminals. These new 15″s have 5.55mm and 6.03mm of Xmax to move more air down deep…”

Q: Can these drivers replace Alpha15a in current configurations ?
Yes they can ! In our Trio15TB the same crossovers work with all three drivers, Alpha15a, EA15se and EA15neo…

Q: How do the two models differ with regards to amplification ?
The EA15se – the Special Edition Ferrite model – is a straight forward replacement to the Alpha15a.
The EA15neo – the Neodymium model – is a perfect match when playing higher frequency range (mid-range) is needed.




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