Pure Audio Project 10″ Bass & Mid Woofer for Open Baffle

Product Description

PAP1075 was designed by Morel specifically for open baffle and for PureAudioProject.

Main design considerations were focused on the low frequency range however the materials, the electric and mechanical construction make PAP1075 a stunning performer of the mid range as well, all the way to ~6.5KHZ !

This unique versatility presents a wide range of possible integration options with full range drivers, tweeters, AMT units etc… all with a simple two way crossovers or connected in a bi-amping mode.

The PAP1075 sets a new standard for bass and mid reproduction on narrow baffles, allowing music and audio enthusiasts to enjoy top-end open baffle speakers in medium and smaller rooms.

* No need for side wings ! * Qts: 1.14 for perfect match to Open Baffle * Weight of only 1.34kg reduces shipping costs * High grade, field proven construction and materials * High grade ferrite double magnet system * 3″ Large Hexatech Aluminum Voice Coil * High Power Handling * Shallow Profile D.P.C. Cone * Improved Parameters * Manufactured in Israel by Morel