Pure Audio Project The Leonidas Crossover

Product Description

Q: How does Leonidas Crossover work ?

A: Differently from typical two way crossover topology, Leonidas Crossover connects the drivers in serial, allowing them to perform independently in their main frequency range (woofers at the lows and FR at the mid and highs), while playing together and in a perfect phase in the so-called ‘cross range’. That range and the SPL balancing between the drivers are defined by the values of the components. The coil dominants mainly the woofers, the capacitor dominants mainly the FR (or tweeter) and the resistors are responsible mainly on the SPL balance between the two…

Q: How do I decide about the value of the components ?

A: We provide a default set-up, with recommended components and values, and detailed voicing guidelines for every speakers model that is released with Leonidas Crossovers. Fans can explore our recommendations, experiment additional options, swap and evaluate various components, different brands, grades, materials and build.

Q: Can Leonidas Crossover work with any drivers ?

A: Electronically it can however this topology will not be too forgiving with drivers that are less than top grade as far as build and performances along the operation frequency range are concerned. Leonidas Crossovers were designed having our high-end Open Baffle woofers in mind. Both, the 15″ and the 10″ woofers are designed specifically for Open Baffle and excel to perform along a wide frequency range. The OB-A15Neo woofers play up to 1khz and more while the PAP(Morel)1075 drivers can be taken up to 6.5khz ! (their XO point in Trio10 MundorfAMT)