Technical data:
Conductor: 99.99% Oxygen-free copper, round enameled wire.
Insulation: Type V enamel
Bobbin material: ABS (black plastic)
Dimensional stability: 85oC
Inductance values tested at 25oC and at 1 kHz
Inductance tolerance: +/-5%
Connecting wire length: 10mm; last 9mm tinned
Core type: Bell core
Core material: High quality soft ferrite for good power transference.
Application: These low resistance inductors are recommended for low to medium power systems.

Table/chart headings:
HQC36 0.67-0.95mm Conductor (wire diameter)
Part No.//Value:L/mH//Resistance/Ohms//Conductor (wire diameter)//Type//

The following tables/charts have the same sub-headings.

Diagram at bottom left of page:
Dimensions in mm
D = diameter of inductor
D2 = diameter of central mounting hole
D3 = inside diameter of bobbin (windings)
H = height of inductor
H1 = height of bobbin (windings)
Rm =