Feastrex Type III

10-3-056Type III field coil drivers have yokes, top plates, and pole pieces all made entirely of Permendur, for the true ultimate in field coil driver performance. Because of the high cost of our custom milled and purity guaranteed Permendur and the difficulty of working with such a hard metal, these have the distinction of being the world’s most expensive full-range drivers. But once one hears this sound, people with a passion for beautiful music understand why it was necessary for Feastrex to go this far. Simply put, these are the most beautiful sounding — the best sounding — speakers in the world. (Some would say that the only other competition to this title is our less expensive models, nevertheless, especially in the case of the Type III, a “space aged” sound results, seemingly brought from outer space.)

Regardless of which model one might choose, all of Feastrex’s drivers represent, according to our U.S. distributor Mr. Joseph Cohen, “an embarrassment of riches.” He lauds them from the heart, saying, “Choose any driver and you will have deep fulfillment. Each driver is like a living creature. Each has its own unique character and energy.” Each Feastrex driver has its own greatness. The Type III field coil driver is not just another step up the ladder of the Feastrex product line. The Type III is better thought of as a step completely off the ladder, into another dimension. We find ourselves at a loss for words in trying to adequately describe this sound. Suffice it to say, we experience withdrawal symptoms when we cannot listen to this sound. Because we cannot adequately explain to you what they are, we simply encourage you to try to find an opportunity to listen to them. The Type III is an unforgettably special, wonderful experience in life. For many lovers of beautiful music it is even a transformational experience.