Feastrex Naturflux

Feastrex’s original patent-pending Naturflux magnetic circuit is an naturfluximmediately obvious innovation in magnetic circuit technology and represents an incredible value. Not only do Naturflux drivers achieve excellent gap flux density, that flux is extremely stable and able to be put to optimum use. The sound is amazingly natural and effortless: the music simply flows out as naturally and easily as a river meanders across the plains seeking the ocean.

Asking magnetic flux to negotiate the sharp, 90-degree bends in a conventional magnetic circuit is like asking water to flow around a sharp right-angle curve. It can be done, but it’s not happy doing so, and inefficiencies result. Sharp bends affect magnetic flux and water pipes similarly: resistance increases with pressure and as a result flow volume falls off. (In the case of water pipes, the right angle pipe will actually get hot under a high enough flow rate). Where previous designs fought against the natural behavior of magnetic flux, the Naturflux magnetic circuit accommodates flux behavior and uses it more effectively. The Naturflux design demonstrate the importance of voice coil gap flux stability and strength in high fidelity sound reproduction.