Feastrex Monster Alnico

Each “Monster Alnico” motor uses a massive Alnico 5-7 magnet designed to realize ultimate quality in a monsterpermanent magnet speaker. To the best of our knowledge, these are the largest magnetic circuits ever made for full-range drivers of their respective diameters. Of course, the motors were not made massive simply so that we could have bragging rights, but rather because we found that these size and dimensional characteristics produced genuine benefits for the reproduction of beautiful sound. These motors achieve extremely high efficiency in drivers characterized by excellent frequency balance and superb tone. Their ability to accurately resolve and convey space-time information is outstanding.

Our “Monster Alnico” magnetic circuit uses annealed pure iron yoke, pure iron pole piece topped with Permendur, and a top plate made of pure iron with the center 40% (by area) made from Permendur. The resulting increase in the magnetic circuit’s permeability greatly increases the voice coil gap flux density and stability. The characteristic advantages and delightful tone of Permendur are very pronounced in the sound of these drivers. After you experience Feastrex “Monster Alnico” drivers we believe you’ll agree they represent the state of the art in permanent magnet full-range drivers today, with sonic performance and beauty unrivaled by offerings from any other manufacturer.